July 6, 2011

Give me Ten

Growing up, whenever I was upset or acted bratty about something, my mother would always tell me, “give me ten.” Which meant immediately reporting ten things right that I was thankful to God for. Let me be honest here--at the time, I seriously hated that and it really only seemed to make me angrier. But looking back, I realize that it really did change my outlook on whatever silly thing I was upset about and deep down, usually made me feel better. That is so cool to me; who knew that my mother doing something so simple would be so heart changing? God, thank you for my sweet mommy. Thank You for my entire family for that matter; they have helped shape me into the woman I am today.
        Being here in Kenya has shown me so much that I am thankful for. Most people here are so poor that they live in mud and dung huts, and many kids and even adults are forced to sleep on the streets at night. Thank God I have a safe and warm home to sleep in every night. All students are required to pay for their education, books, tests, uniforms…everything, so if a family can not even afford food for the next day it is highly likely that the children do not attend school. Public schools in the United States are virtually free, occasionally we have random dues, but the government pays for every child's basic education. Here, new clothing is rare, in fact most children or adults have holes in their clothes. If I have even a small hole in a shirt, it gets tossed aside. Not having new clothes isn’t something we have to worry about in Orange County. I thank God for allowing me the chance to buy a new shirt when I need one.

All of this is just so shocking to me. God has given me so much and I never seem to recognize that. I need to be in constant prayer thanking him for things I really do not need. Kenyans seem so content with what they have and Americans in general always want more. We can never have enough, but people all over the world are struggling to stay alive. I want to stop taking my life for granted.
Heavenly Father, thank You for all You have given me, allowed me to do, and for what you have planned for my life. May my life forever be changed by what I have and continue to witness on this amazing journey.

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  1. Naomi,

    It is great to see all that you are learning through this mission trip. You were always a natural with the kids in New Mexico. Just know that God is working through you to bring more joy to those beautiful children.

    Your life and attitude will be changed forever and what a great learning experience. Yes you are so right we have so much to be thankful for. Stay safe and take in all that you can to help you grow.


    Tom & Barbara Page