July 28, 2011


     Okay so I have a few updates for you! Remember Sarah, the elderly woman who had a horrible jigger problem and was malnourished. Well over the past few weeks with all your thoughts and prayers at home and the help of the doctors and nurses. We have been able to make her almost one hundred percent better! She can now talk with us and make funny faces with us. She eats biscuits (cookies) and drinks chai tea like its her job. I love visiting her every week and getting to see her respond so quickly! God has really shown himself in Sarah's life. Her jiggers are basically gone, which means she is no longer being eaten alive. Praise God!
     After one night at the hospital, Dorkus was taken care of, and her injuries were not as bad as expected. When Kyleigh and I arrived to check on her, we saw her walking around and talking. Wow right? We sat down with her and talked about what had happened. She told us that she had forgiven her sister who had beaten her! If that were me, I honestly do not think I would be able to forgive so quickly. Dorkus is a great example of who Jesus is. About an hour later we paid her hospital bill and she was discharged. God loves her so much and I am honored to have been able to help her through all of that trouble.
     Thank you Heavenly Father for always being present in our lives. You are the Almighty Healer! Amen to that! And thank you for all your prayers back home and keep it up! It is definitely working!

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