July 28, 2011

Mysterious Ways

Yesterday Dorsa, Kyleigh, and I were in Shimo La Tewa doing the usual walk through and chatting with people. As we were leaving we came across a large crowd of people who were all just staring at a young woman lying on the ground. She had been brutally beaten and was left unconscious on the dirt. It was unreal to me; I was so shocked and confused. How can someone first of all physically attack someone, and then leave him or her there to basically die. It was awful. We ended up praying over her and had a piki piki (motorcycle) take her and her mother to Sister Frieda’s Hospital. When the piki piki arrived we lifted her off of her back and sat her up, she slowly woke up and then started to sob. So heartbreaking.
I felt as if there was nothing I could possibly do but pray for her health and safety. It makes it even worse to hear that she had good intentions. A neighbor told us that she was going to take her younger sister away from her boyfriend because they were living together at fifteen. They beat her and ran away…also known as a hit and run.
God had us walk by at just the right time; He planned for us to be apart of all of those people’s lives. Because we showed that we cared in the first place by stopping and seeing what had happened, people were influenced in a good way. Our prayers and loving hearts was just another sign of God’s love for everyone. He works in such mysterious ways and I absolutely love that. We got the chance to help someone in need and we took it. Praise God.
Tomorrow we are going to Sister Frieda’s to see what has happened and how she is doing. If you can, please pray for Dorkus’ physical and spiritual health. We do not know if she loves the Lord, so pray that she would see Him in this situation. I will keep you all updated on her status. Thank you!

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