July 15, 2011

His Presence

God has really been teaching me so much. I feel like I have never seen Him so much in my life like I have in the past month. I know the Holy Spirit has always been with me, but being around an entirely different atmosphere has taught me, in a way, to recognize that more. I do not know how to describe it; His presence is just more recognizable. And I absolutely love it.
I feel like Sister Frieda’s Hospital is where I really feel the most used. Whenever I am there (twice weekly), God always shows me someone really in need of prayer and love. Numerous times I have had the opportunity of holding and praying for the lives of blessed newborn babies. God’s presence is so prominent when I have a hand on them; I just know that He is speaking through me in my prayers.
Last week I met a group of ladies and a day old baby boy. They still had not chosen a name for him, so I suggested a few names. They ended up liking the name Connor, but changed it to Connard. I learned a little bit about their family and where they are in their walk with the Lord. It was so special to see how much sisterhood they had and the love they had for one another. I was honored to pray for them and for the future life of Connard. I know that God will bless them abundantly and I am so excited about that.
An elderly woman named Sarah who is extremely malnourished and has a bad jigger problem has been in the hospital for a few weeks now. Numerous times I have had the chance to just sit with her, hold her hand, pray with her, and share God’s word. I am honored that God allows me to spend a few hours here and there with her. Of course she speaks Kiswahili so it is difficult to communicate, but God is the translator.

Since being in Kenya I have been learning a few words of Kiswahili, basic words like: Jambo (Hello), habari (how are you?), mzuri sana (very good), kwaheri (goodbye), wewe (you), mimi (me), kuomba (pray), kidogo (little), asante (thank you), karibu (welcome), cheka (smile), cheza (dance), sema (whats up? or say), and poa (cool). The language barrier is difficult to get past, but somehow God gets my points across when needed.
Lord, I pray daily that I will get to see You in a new way. Open my eyes to the things unseen, show me how to love like You. Bless this day and be with my friends and family back home. Amen.

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