July 20, 2011

Pure Joy

     About two years ago a friend of a friend gave me a sticker with a bible verse on it. At the time I chose the sticker based on the design she had drawn on it (superficial I know), not knowing how God would use that verse in my daily life in the next few years. Since then I have used it as a bookmark; so whenever I turn to the page where I had previously left off, I take out the sticker and read the verse once again. Every time I re-read that verse, it brings me pure joy.
Always be full of joy in the Lord. I say it again-rejoice! Philippians 4:4 
     I just think it is so cool to see God working in my life and how he has such a big plan for each and every one of our lives. He brings me joy every single day. I love seeing when His people are happy. Seeing how the simple things of life can put a smile on a face. Even just throwing a small ball back and forth is so exciting for some kids. Or taking silly pictures.

     When moments seem dull or boring, I try to pray and think about how wonderful our Lord is. How He created each of us so unique and different. How He loves us no matter how "badly" we sin. In His eyes we are all beautiful. How He knows our thoughts and prayers before we do. That is mind boggling. How he provides for us, from food to a safe, warm shelter. How He allows us to make decisions (we are not forced into following Him--it is a choice). How much joy He brings to my life.
     Lord I choose You, take my life, I am letting go. Lead me where you want me to go, show me what you want me to see. I know I will feel joy because of Your never failing love.

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