August 31, 2011


     Well, it has been a few weeks since arriving in Orange County. My life is now back to normal and it feels so wierd. I started work the week after I got home, school started this week, and I have been to numerous family events. Its hard for me to imagine that I experienced what I did in Kenya. For some reason it almost seems as if the trip was shorter than two months. Looking back, the days went by at a normal pace, but now it seems like only a week.
     I need to slow down a little bit, to really reflect on what I have seen and done. God has given me a life changing experience and I need to be appreciative. People are so impoverished all over the world...I need to share the memories and stories. When I first left I did not even realize how it would affect other people. After a few weeks or so my mom told me how  this and that person had shared about me to their is an endless cycle. God has a plan in this mission trip; me taking this leap of faith has helped plant seeds in people's lives.
     Lord, I praise you for the two months you provided for me to be in Kenya. I pray that my view on life would forever be changed. Bless all of the people I came in contact with and created friendships with.

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