August 9, 2011

Bosnia Family Well

     A few months back my parents had the idea of donating money to put a well in Kenya. On Monday I had the opportunity to meet with Pastor Steve and Ben the hydrologist to figure out where we could place the well so that it would be used properly and have the best effects. We decided on a small five acre compound that holds one hundred families called Bosnia.
     We arrived at the village to meet the elders and talk about the precise location to place the well. The experience in itself was unreal to me. The people were so kind and loving! I was honored to be there and help them have access to clean water. After Steve and I got out of the car, a group of young children came up to say hello. But the first one we said hi to was a girl named Naomi--total God thing. It was as if that was Him saying, yep this is where the well is supposed to be.
     We then prayed together and took some pictures of the final spot for the well. After I prayed the elders sang a song for Steve and I; it was such a blessing.
     Yesterday Ben the hydrologist began the process of the well and they may have it finished before I leave Kitale Friday morning! So if you think of it, please pray for protection over that community and the well. Pray that people would not abuse the clean water. And pray that the village would give all their praise to Him for providing the well!
     Thank you Lord that I was able to witness such an amazing experience. To see that my family is able to help a village of one hundred families to have access to clean water. You are so big God, You can accomplish anything--big or small. I love that about You. Please protect the well and let it change many lives of Bosnia! Amen.

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